About Alice

This is a 4 by 5 ft. painting of a white rose with pale lavender & grayed yellow shadows & diagonal slices of line around it. The center is golden orange. I can so easily meditate when I look at it. because it was inspired by Gurunath, my spiritual leader.

Love Art                      Be Art                       Do Art                      Live Art  

I’ve loved art making ever since I was a little girl. Playing with color, shape & texture is constantly amazing to me. Sometimes I make my best art marks right away and sometimes I sweat bullets, trying to get my creation to speak about what I am feeling in my deepest heart.

People amaze me, so I find myself studying their faces, the colors of their eyes, the curves of their lips, noses, chins, necks, all of it. Peoples’ faces are fun for me to draw, paint, and photograph. Our bodies are such fascinating vessels for life energies!

My art pieces are essentially self-portraits of me! When I am painting a likeness of you, the work is filled with my feelings interpretation and colors, which are hardly ever in traditional flesh tones. I also paint to grasp a new understanding of different subjects and art techniques.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Alice Larsen




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